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Feeling overworked in planning and operation management?

Prepare a plan and execute it with your rail freight software - CargoRail! Every operation is entered at one click by people performing them. That makes the data accurate, relevant and, as a result, lets you focus on informed business decisions.

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Plan your orders

From optimized rail freight plan to operations, execution is only one click. You can combine orders, plan locomotives and crews to fulfill everything in time and start executing a plan. If something changes, the schedule changes with you and helps achieve the best available outcome.

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Control of your processes

With every party contributing to the rail freight process, CargoRail tracks plan deviations, ensures control of data quality and crucial steps in the business process—i.e., if the controller hasn't made technical inspections, the process cannot continue for rolling stock.

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A bird's eye view

Controlling and supervising all business processes can be challenging. That's why CargoRail uses new generation web technologies to ensure that all crucial data would be available to you instantly any time and anywhere.

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Jolanta Skeivelienė

Head of Railway Industry Department

J. Jasinskio g. 16C, Vilnius 01112, Lithuania

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